Clutch's Earth Rocker Festival at Shiley Acres

By Shiley Acres (other events)

Saturday, May 20 2017 1:00 PM 7:30 PM

We are opening 2017 with the first anual Earth Rocker Festival featuring Clutch!  Along with them will be Lucero, The Sword, Apollo's Prophecy, and the new school of rock.   Don't forget to print your ticket out when you buy them!  If you can't print them,  you can keep them on your phone, or at least bring a receipt.  If you have any questions give Debbi a call at 304-676-8216


No firearms or knives.No backpacks, coolers. Tents will be allowed in certain area's.  Beverages and Food will be for sale at a reasonable price.  We have a great selection of foods and drinks.